IT-Services & Hosting

As our partner, you obtain IT services for all aspects of your online casino or game solution without having to manage the required data centre, hardware or software yourself. We assume responsibility for IT infrastructure hosting for you and provide you with the precise support and connectivity that your online platform requires.

edict takes care of the security of your online casino systems. We take responsibility for all of the relevant tasks, from the provision of the required server systems right through to DDoS protection. High availability is guaranteed thanks to our experienced business partners and the use of high-quality hardware as well as state-of-the-art technologies. We offer regular maintenance services to ensure the optimal long term performance of your online casino and to keep all of the software systems up to date. In the process, we conduct regular security checks, update the installed software and continuously expand it with new functions. edict operates a 24-hour support helpline on weekdays, rounding off the range of technical services on offer.

Rely on our team of experts and specialist partners for hosting and IT infrastructure. We provide support along the way.